Ayutthaya Garden River Home is like a Gateway to Ayutthaya World Heritage, the glorious historic capital city of Thailand. Here you will experience high quality healthcare services for your physical as well as mental relaxation including our weight loss programs designed to help decrease the risk of major illness. The fitness programs will allow guests to get away from day to day stresses and be recovered by complete happiness, peace of mind and relaxation. All set amidst pristine natural beauty in lush and green environment surrounded by the cool and refreshing Chao Phraya River. Amazingly, you can experience this tranquility only 45 mins north of Bangkok.

        This Chao Phraya Riverside traditional style garden homes with fully modern facilities welcomes you to a serene and friendly life style in uniquely well-preserved natural surroundings. The organic garden grows vegetables and herbs which you can pick for your own healthy cooking.
       (Acclaimed by "Life and Home" Magazine, one of the most popular publications in Thailand )



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Ayutthaya Garden River Home

54 M00 7 Bangkrasun, Bang Pa-In, Ayutthaya 13160 Thailand.
Tel: 66 (0) 3570 4582, 66 (0) 3536 6020, Mobile: 66 (0) 81553 8744, Fax: 66 (0) 3570 4441

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